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About the artist


  Marina Wittemann, born in Moscow, now resides and creates in Germany. She is a multidisciplinary artist whose artworks have been showcased in solo and group exhibitions across Europe, South America, and Asia. In 2022, she was shortlisted for the VAO UK & International Emerging Artist Awards.

  Wittemann's art delves into the viewer's emotions through the sensory qualities of materials and colour. The Artist employs recycled or building materials, transforming them into multi-sensational compositions that challenge perceptions of value and beauty.

  Through repurposing debris, she confronts consumerism and materialism, encouraging reflection on sustainability and resourcefulness. Marina's transformation of newspapers and other media challenges the hegemony of mainstream narratives, inviting viewers to examine the information they receive critically. Her exploration of personal trauma through art challenges societal norms surrounding the expression of emotions and vulnerability. By inviting viewers to engage physically with her artwork and consider multiple perspectives ("the 9/6 perspective"), Marina challenges hierarchical power structures that dictate a singular viewpoint.



2018 -              BA (hons) Fine Art, The Open University, The Open College of the Arts, UK

2016 - 2017     Cultural Art experience in Shanghai – study calligraphy and Chinese ink painting

2015 - 2016     Exchange Program in Brazil, Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation – FAAP

2013 - 2015     Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov at the Russian Academy of Arts

2001 - 2005    Moscow City Pedagogical University, Jurisprudence (civil relationship), Lawyer



2022    Shortlisted Artist of the VAO UK & International Emerging Artist Awards 2022, Sculpture category


2023    Feel the space, Artscape Gallery, Luxembourg

2022    Shape of colour, Hazegallery, Berlin, Germany

2017    General Consulate of the Russian Federation – Shanghai, China


2025    upcoming, ARTY SHOW Zürich, Switzerland

2024    Global Paper 6, City Museum Deggendorf, Germany

            Peter Gross Bau, St. Ingbert, Germany

            Art Karlsruhe, Germany (Hegemann Galerie, Munich)

            Imagination, Hegemann Galerie, Munich, Germany

2023    A Taste Of Synaesthesia, Oxo Tower Bargehouse, London, UK

            Art Karlsruhe, Germany (Hegemann Galerie, Munich)

            New Perspectives, Hegemann Galerie, Munich, Germany

2022    Affordable Art Fair, Hamburg, Germany (Hazegallery, Berlin)

            Art Market Budapest, Budapest, Hungary (Hazegallery, Berlin)

            Discovery Art Fair, Cologne, Germany (Hazegallery, Berlin)

            Affordable Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium (Hazegallery, Berlin)

2021    Artsy Mood, Boomer Gallery, London, UK

            Oblivion, virtual exhibition, The Holy Art, London, UK

2018    Love Hatred Separation, Artree Space Shanghai, China

2016    Participant of the 48th annual Art Exhibition, Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation – FAAP Sao Paulo, Brazil

2014     Exhibitions of the summer practice and composition, Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov, Russia



2024    Paper Global 6, City Museum and Crafts Museum of the Deggendorf City, International Paper Art Triennale 2024 Catalogue, Anja Fröhlich, Greta Butuci, p. 11, 18, 78


2024    Saarbrücker Zeitung, 16 April 2024, Erste Ausstellung im „Peter Gross Atrium“, Brigitte Quack, St. Ingberter Zeitung, p. C1

2024    OPUS. Das Kulturmagazin der Großregion, March/April 2024, Kunst und Business, Stefanie Zutter, p. 41

2022    PURPLEHAZE Magazine, Woman Issue 007, 2022, p. 233-235

2021    Synaesthesia: Cross-Sensory Aspects Of Cognitive Activity In Science And Art, Editor-in-Chief: A.V.Sidoroff-Dorso, Moscow State University of Psychology and Education, p. 52, 54

2021   Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art,  10 Questions with Marina Wittemann, INTERVIEWS PLATFORM, SCULPTURE, online

2020   Timo Wang, 5 Minutes with Marina Wittemann, Singulart Magazine, online

2018    ZhiShengHuo, 光的“表现”使者 (Light "performance" messenger),The Economist 1843, issue 37, 2018, p. 26-29

2018   Giuseppe Daddeo, Memories, A Shanghai Poetry Zine, 5th edition, 2018, p. 9

2017    Murilo Aquino “Conexão internacional” (Internacional connection), FAAP Magazine No 293, March + April2017, p. 27

2017    Bruna Bopp “Da tristeza para a Arte” (From sadness to art), FAAP Magazine No 293, March + April 2017, p. 50-51, 66-67

2016    Annual FAAP Art Opens Doors on November 21, Vogue online Magazine 



BBK - Bundesverband Bildender Künstler Saarland e.V.

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