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Reflection on Tutor Report

Thank you so much for your constructive feedback.

«You have demonstrated a consistent and effective command of materials throughout the course and shown good technical and creative skills» (OCA Tutor)

Of course it is frustrating that my technical and creative skills were only rated as good. Perhaps I did not draw prominent parallels between context, material and did not draw exactly a line to a line, I don’t know ... I am really very interested to see and understand what outstanding skills mean? Why are there no examples from students at different levels, or at least at the best?

«Although, at times this feels a little arbitrary and I encourage you to develop your supporting research material with greater emphasis on how it is supporting/challenging your practical work.

…but this needs far more unpacking to expand and evidence how their work is influencing yours more directly.» (OCA Tutor)

The most important thing that I took from the course is how I can learn from other artists - to identify the theme of their work, to understand why they use this material to reveal the topic, to see the context in which the artist lives. But it is impossible to describe here all my experience on the blog. These are flashes in the brain and you never know what idea will be combined with the current work. So, for example, and in my last work with the projection of the church on the wall and the ringing of bells ... (we can also consider this as a separate work of the artist), I thought to use different music first. But she overloaded all the work and did not fit, and then I remembered how many years ago I was fascinated in front of the cathedral at the time of the bell ringing. If you describe every step and every thought, then there will be no room for the viewer. Even the tutor at the institute will not be interested in watching work with step-by-step instructions. If the work is good, it can be seen; if not, the theory will not help.

«Perhaps the work could be enlarged, for example displaying paintings on opposite walls with larger projections, enveloping the viewer in a more physical experience?» (OCA Tutor)

By the time I received this report, I was already in the middle of a new artwork, because I was really not happy with my several attempts in this part. Working further, I looked at all my previous works and thought about the most important thing for me. And I found it.

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