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Choosing Methods and Subject

I decided to focus on a portrait. As a result, like a house, a tree, a cloud, a portrait, this is a reflection of ф state and the world in itself. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter that the tree or the person is in front of you on the image, because feelings and emotions can cause both objects.

The idea of a portrait completely captivated me - I imagined this “subject” as the world in the world, but it was not clear who I should draw.

By training, I created portraits of my friends as well as group portraits.

First image - Alevtina

70 x 100 cm., acrylic, oil pastel, gold spray, gold cardboard

On the first portrait, I was focused on a personality. I asked my friend to send me some pictures which she likes as a potential portrait. Here the element of “I want that people see me this way” also become a part of a final image. This is a reflection on our time when we rather prefer “to play" and try to be someone who is not always a true story. I chose a picture which, in my opinion, personality is coming across in a most representative way. A shining person in a glamour life… Parties in a “Russian Imperial style” on one side and a self-build, hard-working, lonely, lovely women on the other. The golden colour I choose for emphasising the idea of nobility and green as a supporting colour.

While working I was thinking about Jenny Saville and Tracey Emin. Bold way of work with the lines makes me integrate this element of emotion into the portrait. I like how the big elements of the gold paper integrate with unstable alive lines. Once I finished the drawing I felt that it is not enough space for the portrait and by adding the elements on the wall I started to form the space… In the end, the photo with the acrylic paint can of the floor was more complete than the painting itself. But overall all work is a bit pinched and not free… Still drawing style is boring and doesn’t consist of any specific unique technique…

Petra Cortright, Cory Arcangel and at the end Olia Lialina made me rethink this work.

Rework the First image.

As a next step, I worked on it in PhotoShop and in iPad as I can like how with iPencil lines and graphics merged with colour on the picture. I experimented with styles and colours with the shape and form of the drawing.

Implementation of the digital elements, as Petra Cortright does it with her works, gave me an idea of additional space inside the image and forms. On the other side, I really like the way Matthew Stone implements real oil colour. As I see this technique is a new way of oil painting where oil colour still important as a pictorial substance but the image no longer happens in this world but in digital.

I introduced elements of my previous works, deleted layers, but in the process of work - creative and practical it was not always possible to combine.

Regarding the composition and marks, white spot on the bottom became almost a key point, an entry to the image. On one side digital lines and pixels but on other real brush strokes.

Second image - Zhanna

Jenny Saville, The Mothers, 2011. Oil and charcoal on canvas, 106 5/16 x 86 5/8 in. Collection of Lisa and Steven Tananbaum. © Jenny Saville. Courtesy of the artist and Gagosian Gallery [Painting] At: (Accessed on 07.08.19)

60,5 x 50 cm,, acrylic, oil pastel

The family portrait was inspired by Jenny Saville The Mothers. But of course after putting images together… I had a deep disappointment of myself… Even though I found a very good movement of the infant in the middle but insecure and not convincing movements of the brush influencing all atmosphere… Probably hairs of the women are too dark and heavy, probably all gestures are not fluid and emotional.

I worked further… First, what I understood that when I keep over paint and rework it again and again on my iPad or computer I see how oil lines mix with digital which intrigue and make you analyse the technique. Second, I actually put a physical piece into the virtual medium and the next step is to bring it back. Signe Pierce on “reality art” in the digital realm mentioned, “reality as a medium” it helped me realize that all drawings and images we are doing on whatever digital devices are in a different reality. This new medium becoming a field where actual art can happen.

Rework the Second image.

At this stage, I understood what I what to do for my final piece. A series of portraits of my friends. I know that a Serie is normally characteristic of photography but as I printed my works as photography I think this way of presentation fits the concept.

For the second image which was highly academic, I choose the computer game as a background – as the objects are house and garden it build “homey” feeling and the digital pixels refers to the computer game which is so important to the kids. I left drawing lines at the background as a unifying element of the image.

Third image - Kathrin

Starting to work with this image I was not sure about the concept. So I experimented with different approach and ideas. One was clear – I want to combine academic with digital… personal with social…

84 x 59 cm,, acrylic, oil pastel

Digital lines which initially I wanted to use as the main opposition to the bold acrylic lines didn’t work. They were separated from the image and didn’t help the subject matter. On the drawing with acryl and oil pastel on the paper size 83 x 59 cm. I was focused on family unity and sister's love… I still believe when your work with alive (analogue) material it absorbs the emotion and energizes with a power which artist puts into the painting.

Overall the biggest challenge waited for me in the printing shop. Except for simple photo, they were not able to do anything and I printed all three drafts. The size was not right – all pictures were a bit different cut and shape. The quality of the image was better than I expected. But in my mind I wanted to print it on a canvas for, so to say, referring back to the old school.

Next, I need to bring together the whole series and find the final representation scenario.

Bibliography and references

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