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acrylic, oil pastel on paper 59 x 84 cm. + digital processing

Private and Social life and our relation to it are mane core of interest. Why we would play and pose in front of the camera and how people at the end will see us. Quantity of the likes – is it an evaluation of your successful life? Rating in the social digital world. But why here we more compete for the likes and followers in Internet space rather than in the real world. Is it giving us more freedom or… loneliness? Information spreads for seconds and communication became easier.

My friends (and actually who are the friends on Instagram, for example,?) relate differently to selfies and posting information about themselves on public networks also in a different way. Someone carefully selects a photo, edits it and supports with an instructive or personal text. Someone does not literally posts any photos, but checks for updates daily and gives likes (so to say hidden integration). But anyway, only a small number of people completely deny all social networks and communications. From extreme to extreme...

Visual culture in social networks or a selfie or photo of you taken by someone, but if we are talking about a portrait in social space, then most likely this is either a demonstration of the place, or a photo with a “good person”, or about yourself.

As a first approximation, I chose portraits for a series of works in terms of interesting composition with a focus on the subject around our private and social life. The life story of the works can go this way: - a person was born and there is a process of formation, carefree time and fun, there is a faithful friend or brother/sister, there is a time of cognition, travel. Then the period of family and children, priorities change. Career, self-expression or self-affirmation... Relations between children and parents and old age.

A variety of characters and plots does not allow you to choose one technique, but the use of analogue and digital drawing allows you to combine two worlds - the real and the world of the Internet.

Next work was about young family...

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