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To summarize my final work, I can say that it was an exciting process. For two months I formed the idea and built the ways of its presentation. I studied ‘all’ the possible combinations of analogue and digital in the figure. I looked through ‘all’ the possible representations of the portrait. The themes of the Internet, Selfie, Self-searching and loneliness merged together into one statement and reasoning, into one art work.

I always wondered why Tolstoy wrote War and Peace in such a volume? After all, one could describe the problem in a smaller work? But, during this work, I realized that the process itself, length, continuation, fullness and details are what distinguishes an ingenious work from ordinary work.

Now that the eye is tired of the same picture, when I can no longer say whether it is necessary to soften the hard lines in the background of the first image or not, I cannot stop. I realized that I still needed to finalize the still life on the table and the shawl of my sister on the third image. Not everyone understands the first time that the image in the middle is the interior of an airplane ... maybe this needs to be finalized through objects or an inscription on the door or ...

I developed the theme of digital portraiture and imagined an exhibition of all the works on which it would be possible to discuss our perception through the prism of the Internet and digital perception. But perhaps such "incompleteness" and "negligence" play well on the image, since detailed painting is important, and incompleteness raises questions.

This course at the OCA Institute, asks extremely critical to view own work. It seems to me that the work is very static and clamped. But on the other hand, it plays into the image. Does someone feel free to be filmed on all sides and everything is publicly on the Internet? I can assume that the viewer will be bored and hard to perceive the whole process with the video and not everyone will want to draw on the iPad, but ... therefore there are so many people and opinions in the world. When you participate in the process of drawing cows in the first drawing, you mentally catch yourself thinking that you are being shot on camera from the drawing. In the second picture (a man by the window in an airplane), the viewer peeps at a conversation on the phone ... as if you were looking into the phone of a passenger sitting next to you. When the whole picture from the third image disappears, someone becomes sad that the picture is gone ... but the viewer can be inspired by drawing funny scribbles on the girl's face. Here he will understand, the first thing that drawing is not easy, the second that we are unique, and the person I have drawn will not be the same as someone else painted. Thirdly, the girl in the photo photographs herself, but what kind of herself?

I consider the most successful find - the first image. I began to develop this topic further in the search for a portrait of our time. So I do not think that this work is at least completing in any way, this is only another stage.

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